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Farrell & Patel is the product of hard work and dedication, with thousands of clients nationwide and offices in Miami, Tampa and Houston. Our firm practices complex litigation for individuals, families and businesses. We have the resources and experience to challenge large corporations and insurance companies when they cause harm or refuse to pay out a claim.The attorneys at Farrell & Patel have a wide variety of complex litigation practice areas, and we are currently accepting cases involving birth injury, cerebral palsy and dangerous drug injuries in children. As fathers themselves, both Wesley Farrell and Ricky K. Patel have a deep compassion for parents whose lives have been turned upside down due to a hospital error or medical mistake. Ricky K. Patel formed a charitable arm of the firm at Miami Children’s Hospital, where he holds a leadership position.

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Personal injuries can be very gruesome and sometimes also cause permanent disability. Having to go through the legal procedures can be exhausting for the victim. In Tampa injury lawyers can reduce the distress felt by their clients. They can simplify all the legal procedures for the clients and can guide them through the process.

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