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When performing spinal fusion surgery, the surgeon must form a solid bridge between two vertebral segments to prevent movement, which requires a bone graft. Learn about the various types of bone grafts used in spinal fusion.

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Self care treatments typically don’t require guidance from a physician, but must be consumed carefully. Any type of medication has possible side effects and risks. Spine surgeons Los Angeles suggest patients go for the treatment method or methods that work best for them.

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Getting the right shoes for your feet is essential when you have back pain. You may be surprised when your pain diminishes and even eventually disappears over time as a result. If shoes are not your concern associating back pain, consider reaching out to a professional team of Beverly hills spine surgeons to help you find your best treatment option, whether surgical or nonsurgical.

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If you have chronic back pain, consider getting in touch with experienced spine surgeons, Beverly Hills residents trust, to prevent life-threatening spine diseases.


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